Boulder SmartRegs Certificate for Rental Properties Explained

Boulder SmartRegs Certificate

The goal of the SmartRegs program is to reduce the carbon footprint of rental properties in the City of Boulder. All rentals must be in compliance with the new SmartRegs inspection requirements by January 2019.

As one of Boulder’s few trained and certified Rental Energy Efficiency Inspectors, Dan Henderson, owner of Green Tracks, is your qualified partner in obtaining the City of Boulder SmartRegs Certificate for your rental property.

Call Green Tracks at (303) 570-8577

What Boulder Rental Property Owners Need to Know

  • Without a SmartRegs Certificate, you will not be issued a City of Boulder Rental License (new or renewal) after January 2019
  • The SmartRegs inspection is a one-time inspection and is separate from the Boulder Rental License Inspection
  • The SmartRegs Certificate will transfer when you sell your rental property
  • Property owners can comply with SmartRegs energy efficiency requirements by following either the prescriptive path or the performance path:
    • The SmartRegs prescriptive path is based on a checklist that relies on trained and certified Rental Energy Efficiency Inspectors — like Green Tracks (City of Boulder Class “G” license). To meet the requirements, each rental unit must achieve 100 checklist points in addition to two mandatory points in the water conservation category
    • The SmartRegs performance path, mostly used for construction building permits, requires a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score of 120.

Contact Green Tracks today to talk about the energy saving features that will help you earn the City of Boulders SmartRegs Certificate — examples include attic insulation, EnergySmart appliances, compact fluorescent lights (CFL), efficient water heaters and furnaces, high-efficiency windows and more.

Call Green Tracks at (303) 570-8577


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