Green Tracks performs…

  • Home energy audits for the Xcel Energy Home Performance with Energy Star program (HPwES)
  • Home Energy audits for Boulder County’s EnergySmart program
  • Inspections for the City of Boulder’s SmartRegs rental property efficiency program for single family homes and multi-family apartment buildings
  • Air leakage detection with blower door and infrared camera
  • Building envelope performance analysis
  • Insulation examination
  • Duct-leakage sealing and testing services.

… throughout the Colorado Front Range area.

Why Green Tracks?

We offer the full range of residential energy efficiency services. This advantage means a tremendous benefit to you: We are uniquely qualified to consult you on how to bundle services in a way that will make you eligible for the most rebates and result in bigger savings on your energy bill.

For example, if we complete a SmartRegs inspection on your rental property (single-family homes, town homes, apartment complexes up to 4 units) and determine you would need a series of efficiency upgrades to make your property compliant with the program’s requirements, we can upgrade your inspection to an Xcel Energy HPwES energy audit right then and there. Our unique full-service approach would then open up another pool of rebate money, which, bundled with Boulder County rebates, will further assists you with your efficiency upgrades.

We often find that the energy efficiency improvements that will provide the most benefit for the money are sealing air ducts, adequate insulation in your attic and walls and air-sealing your home’s thermal boundary (preventing outside air from coming in and inside air from escaping).

What you can expect when working with Green Tracks

Green Tracks takes the “whole house as a system” approach. We use advanced instruments and tools, such as blower doors, Infrared cameras and combustion analyzers, to perform an inclusive series of thorough tests on your home. You will receive a report that includes a prioritized list of solutions for saving on your energy bill and making the climate in your home more comfortable.

Green tracks is networked with likeminded professionals in the area to help you finance and carry out these improvements effectively.

Did you know?

When you schedule an energy audit or a SmartRegs inspection through Green Tracks or any of the programs, the City of Boulder will  assign you an Energy Advisor who will provide customized energy saving recommendations, help you select contractors and evaluate bids, assist with rebates and financing. What’s more, the Energy Advisor can upgrade light bulbs to CFL, insulate water heater pipes, and change shower heads and faucet aerators to low flow type at no additional cost.

Together, we can achieve your energy goals, step by step. This process doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

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